Friday, August 11, 2006

This story is NOT about Lexi Klein, but is weirdly similar. It's an article from the Houston Chronicle, August 7, 2006.

In the left column there are follow-up articles about this man.

After reading this story, about this young man who has done the SAME impersonations, the SAME document forgeries, the SAME scams and is a con artist, we know we are...unfortunately...not alone as victims.

The biggest difference is that Lexi is older, and a BETTER liar. Thankfully, he has not married multiple times that I can tell.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

If you have been directed here looking for information with regards to "Alex," "Lexi" or "Dr." Klein, I would encourage you to read all entries beginning at the very first one.

Some of us have recently discovered that he been posting on Model Mayhem under this URL:

He is "trolling" for his next "meal ticket," which would be you, ladies.

He is not an artist AT ALL. Not a photographer, not a painter. He IS a great talker and a great salesman. Well written, well spoken and extremely smart. He is just simply too lazy to make his own way in the world and prefers pathological lies to the truth.

He was in my life for almost three years, ten years ago. Long enough to ruin my credit, leave me with a child and screw over every friend I had at the time.

He was recently a no-show in court in Escambia County, Florida on a charge of writing a bad check to $6,000.00 to a very sweet lady named Vicky Wyrosdick.

There is now a warrant issued for his arrest.

Escambia County court website:

The case numbr is: 2003 MM 000744 A

If you do a search under "Klein" "Robert" you'll find there are other cases, from DUI's to Leaving the scene of an accident, to forgery.

He has either done jail time for these offenses, or they have been "Nolle Prosequi", which means the charges can be brought up later, if the prosecutor can find the witnesses again.

From our collective understanding, we believe he is currently residing in Mississippi with a lady named Charlene. Charlene is aware of the allegations against him and STILL wants to be with him. That's how good he is at the bull crap.

Personally, I hope that one of you ladies out there that has a bunch of money will adopt him, so I can start collecting the back child support he owes, which is approaching the $20,000.00 mark. Yes, ladies, that's TWENTY GRAND.

On second thought, maybe I should just have him arrested.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I will not waste alot of time repeating the same stories....but please know that I have been through the Lexi Klein drama....ex-Navy Seal, Doctor, artist, and of course treated soooo horribly by Jami and not allowed to see his daughter. Heard the story about how Dawn took him for everything....and so on....I was in Midland, Texas when I met Alex online...he came to see me and stayed for 9 months...I am pleased to say that he left in cuffs, but of course he has escaped again......BEWARE!!!! Tammy

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Michaela's Story:

Lexi got in touch with me end of August 1996. Supposedly you (Jami) were a close friend (little platonic sister) who was beaten up by her then ex-husband and came to him in California for help. You guys supposedly had too much scotch in the hottub and you got pregnant, which he didn't find out until he came to Idaho to help you get settled in a new place.

Supposedly he was on the way to Atlanta to be with me, but he just couldn't leave you there and then you found out that you were pregnant. (Of course he didn't tell me, that he was the father). You know how he is - he just kept me hanging on, was just about to leave etc., was on the way, had just one more little thing to take care of etc. In the meantime I had submitted his name (R. Alexander Klein) to a website, the exposed fraudulant Navy Seals. End of December his name showed up on the website. I confronted him and he broke off contact. There were also so many other inconsistencies that made me think, that he was a con man. In my last email I remember writing: I bet Jami's child is really yours!

Anyway, end of October, 2005 he contacted me out of the blue and wrote me, that he'd seen an article aobut me and was so proud, that he'd known me. It took me by surprise and I thought, that it took a lot of guts on his part to cotnact me again. So, maybe I had done him wrong and maybe there are explanations.

Of course, he came up with great explanations: He hadn't really been a navy seal, but with another unofficial group and since it wasn't well known he called himself a Navy Seal, because it's the closest to what he was and people would understand. His spinal cancer had come back and he had been told that he couldn't do Chemotherapy. He thought he was dying and didn't want to pull me into that.

When I found out about "the baby" and her age he explained, that this was just one drunken night and that this was only a written agreement between you two to stay together for a certain number of years for "the baby" benefit and then split up. That this was only a marriage on paper...that you had postnatal depression and didn't care about the child...that he basically brought her up for several years....that you kidnapped her from Marco Island and flew to Pensacola.

Two years ago "the baby" was supposedly attacked by a pack of dogs and her face was all torn up. He saw her in the hospital and blamed you for not jumping in between her and the dogs. There was a cop there who pulled a gun on him and he beat up the cop and 3 others as well. You then put a restraining order on him and he was put in jail.

While he was in jail, Fred Levin, a Pensacola attorney, came up to him and offered to represent him. Now he has SIX Federal lawsuits running against the city of Pensacola. It's about Father's rights and treatment of prisoners in jail etc. (Of course Fred Levin has never heard of him). The City had already offered him $10,000,000 to settle, but he didn't accept, because it wouldn't have changed anything. He wants to have it come to trial, so that he can insist on a Federal Oversight Committee put in place to watch the City.

I actually met him on Dec. 3rd, 2005, when I came down there for the weekend. And, yes, I did fall head over heels for him. I had already fallen for him by email and phone, just like years before then. He is just so convincing. He'll look you straight in the eye while he lies his head off. All along I asked a lot of questions about inconcistencies and he always had good answers. There was always in the back of my mind, that he might be lying, but I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

He suggested that he'd come to Atlanta December 17th.

A few days before he sent me an email, asking me for my forgiveness, because he really coudn't come that weekend, that it would have to be the following. One of his lawyers had a daughter, that went to the same class as "the baby" and they had set up a christmas party at there house and "the baby" was invited. They would smuggle Lexi into their 2nd story office where he could watch the kids play. (I believe, that was the weekend Charlene moved in or maybe it was the following). Under tears he told me later on how much it hurt him to see his pretty little girl who now was all difigured from the dog bites.

During the week there were supposedly Court dates for his father rights. During the hearing on Friday your lawyer informed the court, that you have left Pensacola and moved to Texas. That you had abducted "the baby" fromt he jurisdiction of the court. So, he now had to take his motorcycle and drive to Houston and find out where you were. He had a federal judge on standby once he showed pictures etc. On Tuesday he informed me, that he had located you and that he had hired an attorney in Houston and you'd be served.

Then on Thursday he felt, that he was getting sick so he couldn't come that weekend. And he wasn't really allowed to use Dion's and Cindy's phone. Since he also couldn't use their computer, since they hadn't paid their DSL bill, I mailed him a cellphone, so that he could still communicate with me. A buddy of his was renting a car and Lexi was going to use it to drive to Atlanta on Wed. 1-4. On Wed evening he had meetings, so he was going to leave Thu morning. I was getting kind of upset. But he promised. On Thursday there were suddenly meetings with a new lawyer regarding. "the baby", so he'd leave in the afternoon.

I got a call in the afternoon, thinking he's in Atlanta and he told me, that he was on the way to Jacksonville, FL because his company owed him some kind of bonus check and he had to pick it up and leave from there in the evening to Atlanta. In the evening he called and said, that he's going to dinner with some people there and he would call me when they're finished and leave then. I didn't hear from him and thougth something happened to him, because he should have arrived.

He called Friday morning Jan 6th, and said, that he had too much to drink and didn't want to risk it, but that they were cutting the check right now and that he'd leave shortly. In the afternoon he called and I thought he'd finally arrived in Atlanta, but he said, they're still cutting the checks and they're having problems.

Anyway, it keeps going, of course he never came, because he was living with Charlene by that time and was just keeping me on to keep the cellphone, I assume.

I felt this relationship wasn't going anywhere and there wasn't any communication. I decided to come down there Jan. 20th to see, if things would be different in person. He asked to make it the following weekend. I did come down Jan. 27 and we stayed at the Red Roof Inn next to The University Mall, because he was under surveillance by the City, because of his lawsuit. So, he didn't want them to see me with him (to protect me, of course).

He told Charlene, that he was in Panama City on a job. He actually talked to Charlene while he was in bed with me, telling me that he was talking to the daughter of his landlords, who had decided to stay in his trailer. The fuses blew and she didn't know how to get the electricity back on.

He borrowed money from me, which he was supposed to get back to me 1-31. Supposedly his company had problems with the wiring instructions and then it turned into money orders that were lost in the mail etc. I finally gave an ultimatum: Get the money to me tomorrow or it's over. Of course I didn't get it. Then I took a close look at the phonebill and started calling phone numbers, that he's called. THat's how I found out about Charlene. I bet the next phone bill, which I should get today or tomorrow, probably has other women's numbers on it.

His stories are just so complex and he keeps them straight for the most part, that it's hard to believe, that they're made up.

--Michaela, Atlanta, GA
Dawn’s story:

I have been able to move on with my life, but as of today - 4 years later, I have yet to let another man into my life, and not sure I ever will be able to. This has nothing to do with any affection for Alex, but because I fear I could again allow myself to be duped. I had even done my homework, hired a Private Investigator, and he hadn’t been able to discover anything that Alex couldn’t explain away.

The list of lies told to me is similar to original blog post. So I won’t bother to add to it, it is all just variations on the same theme: He has lots of assets, out of state, tied up in law suites, partnership disputes, and legalities, but “he will eventually straighten that all out” and will be financial affluent again.

The most important thing I want to share is the situation that address his most distressing behavior for those of us with children.

My daughter was 15 when Alex moved in with us. At first, I was happy with his attention to “Zoë” (not her real name), her father had been out of her life for several years and was never attentive. It is also that time when daughters seem permanently angry about everything a mother does. Alex offered to run interference, calm her down, be an adult she could talk to. Again, I was grateful.

My concern began when he was insistent that I not be present when they spoke. He said he wanted her to know their talks were confidential, so she would trust him. Made sense at first, but something just didn’t “feel” right. And then one day, after dropping him off at a job that didn’t exist, I pulled up the web address’ of the web sites he had recently visited to find it predominately teen pornography.

My reaction was violent and immediate. I ejected Alex from my house only a few months after he arrived. None of his promises had come to pass and now I feared for my daughters’ safety. A short time latter I spoke to several professionals regarding my fears and was unanimously told the behavior I described as the first steps preceding sexual child abuse.

Zoë and I talked in length about their discussions after he was gone, nothing even vaguely sexual had happened, but he had lied about everything they talked about.

It is one thing to put myself in jeopardy but I don’t know if I can forgive myself for putting my child in harms way.

Dawn, Gulf Breeze, FL

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

R. Alexander Klein a.k.a. Lexi or Alex Klein

If you have done a web search for this name, you are most likely a potential target or victim of Robert Alexander Klein. He is also known as Alex or Lexi Klein, and sometimes he calls himself Dr. Klein. His legal name is Robert Alexander Klein, but he was born as Robert Lee Satterfield on November 3, 1958.

Why am I doing this blog? Because of Dawn of Gulf Breeze, FL; Linda Sue of Pensacola, FL; Debi of Dallas, TX; Rogene of Orlando, FL; Tammy of Midland, TX and the latest TWO, Charlene of Pensacola, FL, and Michaela of Atlanta, GA. These are the women I am aware of. These are the women of whom I am aware, who knows how many others are out there?

Alex Klein steals. As a friend once told me, he not only steals your heart, money and self-esteem, he steals your trust.

Some of the women listed above have been able to get on with their lives after a time, some are never the same. I am thankful to be in a healthy relationship with an awesome man, but it took awhile.

The reason for this blog is that we hope by reading this, we may be able to prevent someone else from financial loss and heartache.

An important thing you need to know about Alex Klein is although I have know him for ten years, I have not been able to compile many verifiable facts about his life.

Almost all of his life is a fantasy created in his head. He is a true sociopath, as my therapist once said. He has no conscience, guilt or shame about his actions. He is also psychopathic, seemingly sane...yet getting gratification from deviant behavior, whether it's alcohol, sexual or power play. The line between right and wrong was probably NEVER drawn as a child for him.

This blog, created by Alex, puts the above paragraph in perspective.

The only way to start the blog about him is with a partial list of his lies. Has he ever told you about these things in his life?

The Hummer vehicles he owns
His "art" gallery
The Real Estate he is trying to sell, but can't because it's tied up in legal disputes or a trust
The paintings he has had commissioned
His degrees in engineering
He was a Navy SEAL (or covert operations officer)
He graduated from Annapolis
His attedance to medical school in Israel
His life on a Kibbutz
The death if his child(ren)
The inability to see his children due to legal disputes
His 70' sailboat
He is a former Rabbi
The diamonds he posesses (if only he could get to them)
and most recently, his status as a hurricane victim, having lost everything

Why do these lies seem so plausible?

In list form they certainly don't. In fact, they seem stupid for anyone to believe! But creates a long, involved, detailed story to go along with whatever lie he is perpetrating. He also has the ability to create documents that back up his lies. He steals photographs and other items to pass off as people he knows, or material things he owns.

He has not only lied to women. He sucks in those around her, sometimes stealing money and material goods and favors from her friends. He has lied to bankers, lawyers, real estate agents, stock brokers, doctors, you name it. He is very smart and gets away with it.

He meets women mostly online through dating sites or pen-pal sites. He picks women who are usually coming off of a bad relationship and are vulnerable to being used. He creates back stories to encourage sympathy for him. It is only after some time that you begin to see cracks in the facade. By then, you are either in debt from him, or supporting him.

The following stories are from different women, all of whom have been scammed, but the first story is a short one of mine.

Jami's Story:

I know Lexi Klein well. I met him in the fall of 1996 and I supported him for a little over two years. I also have a child by him.

His daughter is a beautiful, happy, healthy child. He has not seen her since she turned 5. Despite his claims he will make to you that the child's mother took away his parental rights, it was I who took the issue to court and Lexi was granted full paternity. He told the judge that he desired to be an intregral part of his child's life. He was awarded visitation, and is required to pay child support. For the year and a half he was in Pensacola, he saw his daughter every other weekend and on Wednesday nights. At the time, I was encouraging his contact with her, even taking her to him when he didn't have a car.

He paid his child suopprt for about 8 months. I found out later that the only child support he ever paid came from the woman he was living with at the time. Most of the time, it was her money which paid the $325.00 per month child support. As of March of 2006, he is delinquent to the tune of over $16,500.00.

So, when Lexi (Alex) gives you the song and dance routine about him being "kept" from his child by the court, please remember that we have lived in the same neighborhood, I have had the same job and the same cell phone number for 6 years. I have changed my address when I've moved, with the Florida Division of Child Support.